Live Auction is an option if you have a considerable estate with many large items. Easy access and ample parking are both needed to make this process work best. Nothing beats the excitement of a live auction of a nice estate! With Bowtie you are not locked in to one system! We can use a blended approach using a combination of live, on-line, private, and estate sale.

The Process

  • All items are inventoried into individual lots and assigned a number
  • Select items are photographed for use in advertising
  • The sale is advertised locally as well as on-line
  • Tables, Chairs, Food Vendor, PA System and other equipment is set up a few days prior to the sale
  • On sale day, customers are on site to review items
  • Each item is individually sold in order from the inventory list
  • All items are sold to the highest bidder
  • The buyers pays for and removes their purchased items
  • Your settlement check is written a few days after the sale less our commission and any other fees
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