Auction Tips

Live auctions are a great way to quickly sell your items. The excitement of a live auction is fun and profitable because good auctions have 300+ lots to auction. Large and small items sell well at auctions. Tools, furniture, firearms, coins, collectibles, artwork, and farming tools are great items as well. Some items are needed to host a live-site auction:

  • Parking for 100 vehicles.
  • No Home Owners Association restrictions.
  • Space for seating and auctioneers stand.
  • Internet access for on-line bidders and payment processing.

If necessary, an indoor facility may be rented, and the items are transferred to that location.

Live Auction Hinderances

  • In climate weather.
  • Poor location access.
  • Cranky neighbors.
  • Bidders with no appreciation for item value.
  • Competing events (basketball, etc).

Online Only Auctions

Online only auctions may be better because they are national. This option may be better if you are selling:

  • Unique items.
  • Limited buyer pool items.
  • High value collections.
  • Sturdy smaller items that will ship easily.
  • Desire for anonymity.

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