The Process

Bowtie Estate Services is unique in that we offer an array of estate liquidation processes tailored to meet your specific needs. Listed below are the various processes:

  • Live Auction is an option if you have a considerable estate with large items. To make your sale great, include a location with high capacity parking. Nothing beats the excitement of a live auction!
  • On-Line Auction expands the customer base to a National level. Our on-line auction platform features safe and secure on-line bidding and processing of payments.
  • Estate Sale / Tag Sale works well for selling household items and furniture. Our sales are professionally managed and all items are staged and priced. We also supply advertising, directional signs, and staff to assist customers.
  • Private Sale may be the best option for unique or rare items. We will work with our network of collectors to arrange for the sale of these type items.
  • Blended Sales is the process whereby we use 2 or more of the sale systems to ensure that your items are marketed so the most money can be realized from the sale.

The Method

Estate Sales or Tag Sales are an easy liquidation method to sell many household items such as furniture, kitchen items, etc. Our typical process for Estate Sales or Tag Sale include:

  • We organize all items and display them in a pleasing manner.
  • Then, we price each item. We price each item so that there is no confusion or frustration with our buyers. Small items may be grouped into lots.
  • We photograph many of the key items for advertising.

Advertising your Estate Sale

Proper Advertising is the key to a successful Estate or Tag Sale. We advertise your sale on several Estate Sale Websites as well as our social media platform and, and we place directional signs in the surrounding neighborhood so that your sale can be easily found. 

IMPORTANT: We do not list the address of your sale until 2 days prior to your sale. This will ensure your privacy as well as curtail bargain hunters from circumventing the system. 


We do not sell clothing at our Estate or Tag Sales. Clothing is a high volume low margin item, and it does not lend well to our process. A better return is gained by donating clothing to a charity for a tax deduction (consult your tax advisor). However, in instances of high end items such as furs, luxury shoes, or designer handbags, etc., consider our online platform.


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