Online Auction works exceptionally well for estates with collectibles such as pottery, coins, currency, books, Americana and other items that ship well. Our nationally marketed online auction system ensures that your treasures are exposed to a wide variety of buyers.

Sometimes, unique items or items with a limited customer base may work best by arranging a private sale.

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The Process


  • A determination will be made whether to leave all items in place or removed to our secure location
  • Each item is photographed and assigned a lot number
  • Each lot and photograph are loaded into our on-line auction system
  • The on-line auction is advertised on several specific websites
  • Customers are given 7 days to review the items before the auction begins
  • During the review time customers may leave bids
  • On sale day a “rolling close” of each item begins
  • Bidders may increase their bids up to the time of close for each item
  • If bids are received in the final few moments of the auction an additional 2 minutes are added to the close time to allow other bidders to increase their bids.
  • After all bids are complete the auction is closed
  • Bowtie works with the buyer and their packaging and shipping company to ensure that the buyer receives their products in a timely manner.
  • All payments are processed through our safe and secure on-line system
  • Your settlement check is written a few days after the close of the sale less our commission and any other fees

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