Professional Estate Sales are conducted very differently than a “Yard Sale”. Bowtie markets each sale on several estate sale websites to get maximum exposure. Items are properly staged and ALL ITEMS ARE PRICED. On sale day we have staff on hand to ensure that items are re-arranged after buyers remove items and to help with questions. To protect your privacy the address of the sale is not published until 1 day prior to the sale.

The Process

  • A decision is made whether to have a 1,2, or 3 day sale
  • All items are arranged in a pleasing manner (staged)
  • Small items may be grouped into lots
  • ALL ITEMS ARE PRICED. Nothing is more frustrating to customers than to have to locate someone to give them a price for an item
  • Bowtie provides tables for items to be displayed
  • A strict start time is observed to prevent “early birds” and “poachers”
  • Numbers are given to customers before opening and only a certain number of customers are allowed in to limit the risk of accidents
  • Customers choose which items that they want to purchase and are responsible for removing and loading their items
  • To increase sales, Bowtie offers a credit card processing system
  • Each item sold is noted and a full list of items sold is supplied at the end of the sale
  • Your settlement check is written a few days after the close of the sale less our commission and any other fees
  • For an additional fee, Bowtie can clean up / clean out the property after the sale. Click here to find out more about our clean up clean out service

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We do not sell clothing at our Professional Estate Sales. Clothing is a high volume, low margin item, and it does not lend well to our process. To gain a better return on clothing, donate the items to a charity for a tax deduction (consult your tax advisor). However, high end items such as furs, luxury shoes, designer handbags, etc., consider our online platform.

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